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Over the past week there have been an overwhelming number of updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and how we all should be protecting ourselves against potential exposure.

On March 21st, Kansas City, Missouri Mayor Quinton Lucas issued a “Stay at Home” Order effective starting at 12:01am Tuesday, March 24th. Authorities state that core partners in the Metro area have also issued orders,

An Important Message Regarding COVID-19

We are sure you are getting flooded with information about what people are thinking and what companies are doing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. People all over the world are rightfully concerned about the novel Coronavirus, and of course, there’s particular concern for the elderly and those with immuno-compromised states or “underlying health complications”,

Nutritionist Near Me

Nutritionist Near Me | Why grass fed meat is better for your health

Nutritionist Near Me | If you agree that the type of food you eat determines the quality of nutrients that fuel your body; then it shouldn’t be too big of a stretch that the type of food cows eat determine the type of meat that they produce. Nutritionists agree that the type of food that is fed to cows determine the nutritional composition of its meat,

Gut and Brain Connection

Gut and Brain Connection | The gut and brain connection- How it affects your digestion

Gut and Brain Connection | Is This Affecting Your Digestion?


Gut and Brain Connection | Have you ever been in a situation that causes physical symptoms, such as intense anxiety that causes nausea, or something exciting that causes “butterflies in your stomach?” You may have heard that your gut and brain connection is very unique and strong.

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