What Really Goes On During Digestion?

When talking about stomach issues, the word “digestion” gets thrown around a lot. We find this to be a little concerning, as many people don’t quite understand what digestion really is or means. All they know is that they have issues with it, as many people in our society do. From poor diets to busy schedules,

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Meet Eli Trave, FNTP

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Nutrients in Your Diet Part 2: You Are What You Absorb

So you’ve started the journey to optimize your health! You’ve been cutting back on the processed foods and started incorporating more whole foods into your diet. But yet, you feel as though you still aren’t reaping the full benefits.

Some reasons why you may be feeling this way is because the foods you are consuming aren’t as nutritious as you thought.

Inflammation, Digestion and the Immune System

Inflammation, Digestion and the Immune System: 3 Tips for Supporting Your Immune System with Food

A major part of your immune system is in your gut. This means how you treat your gut is important in protecting yourself from illness, autoimmune conditions and even cancer.

Specialized immune cells and bacteria meet in the gut and these cells hitchhike on other cells and travel through the body to either support or add strain to those body systems.

Do You Have a Leaky Brain? How the Gut-Brain Connection Impacts Your Health

What Is The Gut-Brain Connection?

The gut-brain connection is the system within your body that facilitates a two way communication between the GI tract and the brain. The gut or GI tract has its own nervous system called the enteric nervous system (ENS) which means there is a complex signaling system from the gut to the other parts of the body.

4 quadrants of gi health



Before we dive into the 4 Quadrants of GI Health, it is important to be on the same page with what we mean by GI tract and what a normal functioning GI tract is like.  The GI tract is short for Gastrointestinal Tract. This is essentially a closed system from the mouth to the anus that changes food into fuel for the body and protects our bodies internal environment from the outside insults of toxins and infections.

what is IBS?



IBS and IBD often get lumped into the same category and the difference is often not well understood. First of all, both are digestive disorders. IBS is Irritable Bowel Syndrome and IBD is Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Both have many of the same underlying causes and IBS can turn into IBD if not addressed.

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