Are You Keeping Your Body And Cells Hydrated?

Did you know that H2O (aka water) is one of the most vital nutrients in your body? Without it, your body couldn’t survive past a couple of days. So, why don’t we take hydration more seriously if it plays such a vital role in our health?


This article will cover hydration and how it impacts the cells in our body.

iv therapy to boost immune system

Can IV Therapy Help Boost Your Immune System?

The human body’s immune system is an incredible benefit that has greatly facilitated the propagation of the human race for generations. Our bodies are designed to attack and fight off any invaders, however minuscule or invasive. When your immune system is compromised by disease, poor health, or other conditions, IV therapy to boost the immune system is a great way to protect yourself from illnesses in or around Kansas City.

IV Nutrition Therapy

Is IV Nutrition Therapy Safe?

IV Nutrition Therapy is not necessarily new, but more people are discovering how it can benefit their health. Could you benefit from IV nutrition therapy in Kansas City? Is it safe? At in2GREAT Functional Medicine and Integrative Health, we offer safe, yet highly effective IV treatment to help with a variety of conditions,

8 Reasons Why Hydration Is More Important Than You Realize!

We are soon entering into the hot summer months and normal activities are reappearing after months in quarantine. We are all trying to make healthy choices during this time, but a major factor contributing to our health often gets overlooked.

That part is our hydration! Most people don’t think about hydration when they aim to optimize their health -but they should.

How To Keep Your Employees Safe In The Workforce

How To Keep Your Employees Safe As They Enter Back Into The Workforce

As our communities start opening back up after this long quarantine period, it’s vital that everyone continues taking the proper precautionary measures to protect themselves and others. While we want the economy and businesses to go back to normal so people and families aren’t struggling financially or emotionally, we also want to reduce the risk of having another outbreak period as best as possible.

vitamin iv therapy in Overland Park KS

Where Can I Find a Functional Medicine Doctor and Vitamin IV Therapy in Overland Park KS?

Functional medicine is a relatively new term in healthcare, but it is on the rise due to its rate of success at treating all manner of health issues and conditions, including chronic illnesses that traditional medicine falls way short in addressing. In2GREAT Functional and Integrative Health is where you can find a local, experienced, functional medicine doctor,

iv infusion therapy in Overland Park KS

How to Treat Chronic Illness With IV Infusion Therapy in Overland Park KS

More and more Americans are suffering from chronic illnesses. This is due in large part to what we ingest into our bodies. Artificial ingredients and additives meant to preserve food items are some of the main culprits that can cause complex issues with our digestive systems and other health problems. Other products and lifestyle choices are also significant contributors to chronic illness.

Emotional Health

How Emotions Affect Our Health (Emotional Health)

When trying to overcome an illness or optimize our health, we tend to put emotions and mental health on the back burner in order to focus on diet, exercise, and supplementation. There is, however, new research published on how our emotions and mental health (Emotional Health) can affect our overall well-being. This research suggests that the “mind-body connection” is just as important as our workout regimen or the kinds of foods we eat.

Immune-Boosting Vitamin C IV Now Available, Plus a Special Offer

Over the past week there have been an overwhelming number of updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and how we all should be protecting ourselves against potential exposure.

On March 21st, Kansas City, Missouri Mayor Quinton Lucas issued a “Stay at Home” Order effective starting at 12:01am Tuesday, March 24th. Authorities state that core partners in the Metro area have also issued orders,

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