Functional Medicine Doctor – About Functional Medicine

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE DOCTOR in2GREAT Integrative Health is your functional medicine specialist in Overland Park KS. We have been solving health issues for almost 20 years using the root-cause medicine model. We aim to find the underlying cause of your health issue, correct the imbalances, and maintain it. This is how you feel great again. The [...]

A Functional Medicine Approach to Lingering Viral Infections & Chronic Illness

A FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE APPROACH TO LINGERING VIRAL INFECTIONS & CHRONIC ILLNESS Chronic illness takes a toll on a person unlike many other things in life. For someone suffering from a chronic disease or lingering health issues, the road can feel long and lonely. The questions you have are likely many more than the answers you [...]

A Functional Medicine Approach to Heavy Metal Toxicity

A FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE APPROACH TO HEAVY METAL TOXICITY Heavy metal toxicity is one of the most underrated health conditions occurring in the US. The number of people we have treated for heavy metal overload of various kinds continues to grow. A functional medicine approach to healthcare always asks “why”, and continues asking “why” until there [...]

Heart Health Doctor in Kansas City | A Functional Medicine Approach to Heart Health

Heart Health Doctor in Kansas City A FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE APPROACH TO HEART HEALTH The sad but true story in American healthcare is that cardiovascular disease is poorly managed and not actually well understood. Despite the high numbers of people with heart health issues, few people are actually focused on understanding and healing the reasons for [...]

A Functional Medicine Approach to GI Health

Digestive Health Specialist in Kansas City A FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE APPROACH TO GI HEALTH Gastrointestinal (GI) issues are quite common and many people do not even realize their symptoms are not normal and can be resolved. If you experience cramping, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, or fatigue with eating you do not have to just live with it [...]

A Functional Medicine Approach to Endocrine & Hormone Imbalances

Hormone Doctor in Kansas City A FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE APPROACH TO ENDOCRINE HEALTH & HORMONE IMBALANCES Many of our patients come to us after years of seeing multiple doctors for symptoms they are told (or made to feel) are in their head, or just “normal aging.” We are here to confirm for you that fatigue, mood [...]

IV Nutrition Therapy – Mood and Stress Copy

MOOD & STRESS When people are under an immense amount of stress or are lacking a number of key nutrients, the thyroid, adrenals, and other endocrine organs suffer. When these are under-functioning people will experience symptoms like mood swings, depression, and anxiety. Delivering essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream can calm the body and eliminate [...]

IV Nutrition Therapy – Phosphatidylcholine

PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE Phosphatidylcholine provides a unique way to help decrease levels of toxicity and cellular degeneration. Toxins can be stored in in body fat for long periods of time, more specifically the phospholipid layer cells. When chemicals from pesticides, some prescription drugs, skincare products, and food preservatives stay lodged in the cellular membranes, dysfunction of the [...]
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