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How Does Functional Medicine Help Address Hashimoto’s Disease?

Hashimoto’s Disease is a condition in which your body’s immune system attacks your thyroid gland as if it were a harmful intruder. This malfunction is a direct attack on your endocrine system, which produces many hormones that control bodily functions. In2GREAT Functional and Integrative Health is your Hashimoto’s Disease doctor in Kansas City when you need a functional medicine approach.

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Benefits of Seeing an Integrative Medicine Practitioner in Kansas City for Chronic Health Issues

Battling lingering health issues is a long and lonely road. All too often, conventional medicine leaves those suffering from chronic illnesses feeling as if their conditions are all in their head, or that there is no help or hope to be found. Seeing an integrative medicine practitioner in Kansas City can bring light and hope to those suffering from chronic health issues.

Functional Nutrition Services Now Available in Kansas City

We’re proud to announce a new selection of Functional Nutrition Services designed to help you feel your best! At in2GREAT, we’re here to help you take your personal nutrition and wellness to the next level. Keep reading to learn more!


Meet Eli Trave, FNTP

Congrats to Eli on her Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner certification!

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How is Holistic Medicine Different from Traditional Medicine?

Terms like traditional medicine, functional medicine, and holistic medicine can be confusing. How is holistic medicine different from traditional medicine? And when do I need Integrative Medicine Doctors in Overland Park KS? 

What is Traditional Medicine? 

Traditional medicine, also called Western, conventional medicine, or allopathic medicine refers to approaches to healing based on science about the human body.

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Integrative Medicine Practitioner in Kansas City | What Is It?

As modern healthcare continues to transform, consumers are seeing more of a shift toward patient-centered care. A popular term many are using is “integrative medicine.” Actual definitions of this form of medicine vary, but all include the fact that integrative medicine combines, or ‘integrates,’ components of conventional medicine with newer, more innovative methodologies that have not traditionally been part of conventional medicine.

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